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  • Roger McLachlan

Roger This Roger That solo CD

Talented multi – instrumentalist Roger McLachlan’s debut album ‘Roger This Roger That’ is nothing short of experimental as the artist fuses funky, chill out, R&B sounds with a touch of smooth Jazz.

This is the first solo album for the well known New Zealand born guitarist who already has a diverse list of achievements dating back to his stint as bass player for the original Little River Band.

Perfect for dinner parties or a serious listen, the material reflects Roger's influences from the past 40 years of his musical life with some of the songs and compositions starting out as jam sessions and evolving into melodies and ideas over time.

With 98% of the instruments played by Roger, the album has a certain freedom and soul to it with water playing a symbolic reference in many tracks. Roger compares it to walking into an art studio, picking up paint and splashing colours all over a canvas. His aim was to take listeners on a musical journey, one that would inspire them to pick up their own instruments and join in.

Citing The Beatles, Steely Dan, Jimi Hendrix and Miles Davis as a few of his early musical influences, Roger says the final push towards the completion of ‘Roger This Roger That’ came when he played one of his songs live with the legendary drummer David Jones who encouraged him to finish and release the album.

Several guests including Jones feature on the album including Melbourne saxophonist Greg Clarkson on ‘Sorry to Bog You,’ singers Neridah Leishman on ‘Universal Propaganda’ and Kate Slaney on ‘This Feeling (Doin’ Love).’

As for the name ‘Roger This Roger That’, Roger says it was derived from a combination of factors including a mix of music styles and even a reference to the English aviation phrase ‘Roger that.’

The album is unique in that Roger has recorded, played, produced and mixed all the songs at his home studio using Logic Pro. No fancy preamps or amps were used and all guitars were just plugged straight into the audio interface and recorded dry.

Although inspirations behind songs vary, most have a purpose or story behind them. Some emanate purely from the joy of creating something new and different.

Roger isn’t able to choose his favourite track and describes the experience of finally releasing his first solo album like giving birth without the pain.

You can purchase a CD direct from Roger by emailing him at:

Check out the CD at and on itunes.

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